Double Eagle has a small bar and no real place to expand.  All the other areas are productive and those 18″ thick adobe walls are kind of a holdback.   So we need to make the best use of space available.  So, that’s what Win Ritter, DE Beverage Manager, did.  He pulled the wine bottle cooler back into one of two wine storage rooms and bought another cooler for beer keg storage.  Then, convinced  the General Manager to make the investment in a glycol cooling system for the beer lines AND European style beer dispenser towers.  It did take some talking but he did it!

The result means there are between 5 and 7 beers always on tap.  And, Win chose to NOT put domestics like Coors on tap but to let beer guys explore.  One choice was offering micro brewery Left Hand’s Milk Stout.  Stout beer infused with milk to soften the expected hard edge of overwhelming flavor profile and allow even beer guys inclined to lighter beers to enjoy the fruits of the darker domains.

The experiment, and that’s what it was, has proven itself successful.  Customers are sipping suds like never before!  And, enjoying the experience!