Most researchers believe wine to be the first alcoholic beverage produced by man. They are undoubtedly right since the fermentation of grape juice into wine occurs naturally.


All hail the first early man who noticed the lid move and even jump on the pot of grapes he picked and set in the corner of the cave.  Well, actually, all hail the first early man who actually took a sip of the grape juice in the pot and remarked, ”Fruity, with notes of blackberry, pepper and raspberry and a slightly earthy tone with a bright finish!” Ok, he probably just grunted in pleased surprise but the discovery had been made.


The only thing this guy had to do was wait for the grapes to ripen. And, things have not changed much from his world to ours.


-Wines By The Glass
We sometimes have as many as 10 to 12 wines available. Most are special purchases of wines we would love to add to the wine list. The availability of the wine is usually so limited that we are only allowed to purchase a few cases. So, we pass on these little treasures to our guests as we find them. This means we may be unable to list Wines By The Glass specifically since they will sell out within a week or two.  We do try, however.  Check out the Wine By The Glass Menu.


-Wine By The Bottle
All bottles listed are 750 ml unless noted. Our Wine By The Bottle menu is dynamic and changes weekly as vintages are sold out and new wines are added. The Wines listed here are a snapshot of the Wines we offered at this time on this day. We update this site quarterly. Please contact us directly in order to learn about today’s specific listings. The wines listed are offered based upon availability.


Ask you Server about the Bottled Wine Cellar Selections – specific wines priced to clean out the cellar!  At least a 10% discount and up to a 50% discount off regular price.