Crispy Fish Tacos with a sprightly jalapeno cream sauce and roasted corn salsa wrapped in a soft flour tortilla is perfect for celebrating Spring’s arrival.  Crispity Alaskan Cod fillets offer a delightful crunch which yields to tender, steaming white fish flaky enough to satisfy even those who “don’t like fish”.

I’m not sure why Spring and Crispy Fish Tacos go together in my mind but they do.  And, if I like it, everyone else should , too.  Right?

I know shredded cabbage is a popular ingredient but the sweetness of the corn kernels brought to a peak by roasting and caramelizing the internal sugars really does send my taste buds soaring.
The sweetness of the corn posed against the zip of the jalapeno cream and the crunch of the fish.  Heaven!  And, don’t be afraid to ask for more jalapeno cream!  Damn tourists…..have to baby proof stuff because Minnesotans think black pepper is an exotic spice.   Let your chile flag fly, baby!